How well do you work with a case manager?

He or she may be called by another name such as a case coordinator and their responsibility is to follow up with you after a hospital admission, maybe prior to a hospital admission and at all times at the direction of your primary care physician or mental health physician. Why it could be at the direction of your benefit plan.
They, being a he or she will be asking questions to see if you are benefiting from the instructions given to you by your physician. What! are you talking about, you say. It isn’t any of their business. Ah but it is their job to find out how wisely you are using your benefits. Are you actually trying to improve your health and work on issues and problems.
The next time the phone rings and it is your case manager, please answer the phone and try to work with he or she on determining if you are progressing with your treatment plan. They make ask you questions such as:
• Have you been monitoring your blood pressure?
• Are you working on a diet plan that will benefit you either to gain
weight or lose weight?
• Have you been exercising? If that is not possible, he or she may ask
you why?
• Are you at risk for any safety issues?
• How is your physical therapy coming along?
• Has a medication safety review been done?
Respect the time of the professional involved. If you feel they are calling too much, discuss that with he or she and set up a better schedule, where you can interact wisely.
You say, I don’t have time!!!! It’s not important! Let me say this to you make time! It is important! Use your benefits wisely!

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