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  • Anxiety, some normal?

    Anxiety, some normal?

    Can anyone develop anxiety? What is anxiety? Whose definition is the one that best fits? Anxiety in the young Anxiety in your job Anxiety at school Social Anxiety The shortest definition I saw was “normal reaction to stress.” Most people learn to deal with anxiety and yes anyone can experience anxiety. How do you feel…

  • How is your life treating you?

    How is your life treating you?

    This last month has been challenging to say the least. You just think you are getting things a bit more organized and then you realize how much more you have to do. Now the decision is what should you do next? Nothing! Tackle a small job!! Work each day on keeping things more organized!!! This…

  • Negativity, moving ahead to appreciate yourself.

    Negativity, moving ahead to appreciate yourself.

    The definition of negativity. is habitual skepticism. A skeptic is a person who questions or doubts something. A person who often questions or doubts things. If it is constant are your friends saying to you, why are you so negative? Maybe you don’t consider yourself negative, just a questioner. How can you change? It is…

  • Thanksgiving a special time.

    Thanksgiving a special time.

    Ideas to think about during the holiday season, providing rest and relaxation.