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Buying Too Much

Pinky promised, I would not buy anything blog related for a while. Our daughter Cindy is helping us become really budget oriented. We have had a budget for a long time but it wasn’t working the way it should. Part of the problem is that I was buying things blog related, not really keeping track of how much I was spending. Oh Oh!

I was mesmerized by all the wonderful, interesting, creative, new things that were for sale. Things I thought might help me, become more creative . I kept thinking it is only a couple of bucks here, $5.00 there, you know what I mean. I forgot about the journals, workshops, and courses that had yearly payments coming up. Of course I was doing automatic deductions. So she is really taking me back to budgeting 101 for awhile.

It is tough though because everyday I see something I would like to buy to help make my blog, my Etsy store, and my creations sell better. How ever I digress. One of homework assignments is to make a list of what I have bought and used, bought but not used. Now that is really taking some time.

Reorganization of old budget or starting a new basic one.

Also reorganizing our old budget, especially since we just did painting, new flooring and carpeting. We did have some money saved for this just not enough. The cleaning out of our old budget, listing credit cards and their interest, listing all bills we have versus the income coming in, and how to plan an emergency fund. Of course everything has gone up from our previous budget.

Keep telling our daughter Cindy, she ought go into business of helping people understand why their current budget is not working. She really digs into the nitty gritty of a budget, with your help, of course, before she begins with ideas, suggestions and a list of things to do. If you are interested in contacting her please let me know. Would need your email so she could let you know if she can help you, the beginning, the cost and your homework. All I can tell you is that it works.


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