Cooking? Love it or hate it.

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Cooking, real cooking from scratch, I honestly can say at this time in my life I hate it. My husband’s favorite statement, what are we going to have to eat??? Now when he was feeling better he really enjoyed doing meals from scratch and was always looking for new recipes. You name it he wanted to try it. Some of his favorites were polish or Hungarian recipes. Some we liked some we did not care for.

For years I cooked at least two meals a day for a big family day after day. Sundays were no exception a big meal was what was expected. My husband worked different hours, including nights, evenings and days. Meals had to be saved and warmed up. We did not have a microwave. Believe me there was plenty of oven warming meals as the children grow up, being involved in sports of all kinds.

So for those of you who love cooking from scratch, bless you. We do have some of our children and grandchildren who are really interested in making meals from scratch. I have to say they are good at it. What I have observed is hat those who do cooking from scratch usually are very organized. They have read their recipes front to back. Ingredients have been bought, fresh and they are ready to go. Now that is what we all consider organization.

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