Weight loss. Who says a leopard can’t change their spots.

How to change

The place to begin is with yourself. You are the leopard wanting to change their spots. Which of the following apply to you and help you begin.

  • Physician talk- Do you need to lose weight or just get toned up?
  • Do you have any medical issues?
  • What about your medications? Do you take as ordered by your physician?
  • Do you need a specific diet? Be sure you talk with a dietician, who will understand the diet that has been recommended for you. Better yet, help you and who ever is going to help you understand it.
  • Mentally get yourself geared up.
  • Set up an exercise regime, that will help you meet your goals.
  • Ease into that exercise program.
Set Goals
  • Follow diet
  • Lose —–lbs per week
  • Exercise. Start out slowly
  • Stay hydrated
  • Get professional help, if necessary. A dietician maybe.

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