Milestone birthday which one? fun!

Husband had a big milestone birthday last week. Gold decorations proclaiming the big 90, that’s right the big 90. He does not look his age and had such a fun time. Already inviting people to his 100th party. Which will definitely be another big big milestone.

One of our granddaughters, Kacey Helen made an awesome looking German chocolate cake and he was so thrilled. That is his favorite, one of his favorites and what he wanted. Now not everyone likes German chocolate cake so our daughter Kathy brought a plain chocolate cake with chocolate icing. It was yummy but then I am not a German chocolate fan.

When I say one of his favorites, I literally mean that. He has several things that our his favorites such as pierogi’s, polish sausage, especially polish sausage from a store in South Bend, chicken paprika to name a few things.

The appetizers were wonderful, daughter Cindy and husband David in charge and there were plenty. The chicken when it arrived was hot and soooooo good. We only had a few little crisis’s like forgetting to serve the gravy and the coleslaw. No one even noticed because we had such great food. Thanks Josie and Colin for the drinks. All the good stuff the young one’s like to drink.

Getting to see families takes more and more effort these days as everyone’s routine is so hectic. Our family from St. Louis came in a couple of weeks ago as a surprise and that was also a special day. Daughter Tracy and husband Tim made soups for the day. They were delicious. Another big day! Another thank you for families working together to make something happen.

Daughter Mary came for a few days and went home exhausted. Took us out for dinner for our birthdays. Helped granddaughter Sam, make a darling pair of short pajamas out of crushed velvet. Tried to bring a bed for our son’s house, as they were getting a new bed. After it blew out of the truck twice, that bed went back home and will be disposed of. We decided after much discussion to take the guest bed from our house to our son’s and get a new guest bed after we finish painting.

So many decisions were made in the last few days, it felt like my mind was doing a tap dance. A lot of things got done and for that we are all thankful. Thank you again to all our family for making this a special birthday.

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