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Updated 6/8/21

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Almost six months to Christmas. That sounds so bad, but time is just flying by. It is not on cruise control.

Get crafty even if it is not something you do on a daily basis. Look in children’s magazines, craft books and books that read easy to do!! Why! Why would you want to do that? Because you want to save money on Holiday spending this year! So becoming more creative, crafy, and inspired with ideas may help you.

Your gifts don’t have to be huge just something done by family, or by the children or by you for someone special in your life. If you are a crafty person, use up some of the craft supplies you have left in your special room. You know the one where all your art and sewing, or crafty supplies are hiding.

Some thoughts to get you thinking :

If you are a knitter, what about mittens and scarves.

How about making a lid gripper. Get some shelf liner. Cut approxiately the size of a hot pad 6″ by 6″. Single crochet or double crochet around the edges and you have a lid gripper. They usually last 1-2 years and then the grip may not be quite as good. People love them and you can get as fancy as you want with them. Use multi-colored yarn to make the gripper prettier if you want.

Sewing, just a beginner no problem. Purchase some fabric with a holiday theme. A nice cotton fabric and plan on making a holiday tablecloth. Be sure you get enough fabric to cover your table and hem it. Do a double turn, (each turn about a 1/2inch, so the hem looks nice, and professional. Make a tablecloth for someone in your family who is always generous to you.

Use scraps of colored paper from your children’s craft projects. Make a kaleidoscope picture, add pictures of your children, and put into a unique frame. Such a wonderful gift. Keep your kaleidoscope picture, light and airy, not filled with dark ,dark colors.

Design an angel tree of some kind and let your children pick one of the names off of it and make some small gift for a sick friend, someone who lives alone or someone who has been very nice to your family.

Be crafty and be frugal this year. Next year you will want to have a budget in place to help you plan ahead. For now go to Selection’s from Barb’s Resource Library and enter HELEN. The library is found on the upper right side my website Selections from Barb. There is a budget there you may want to start practicing with.

Good luck and have lots of fun. Get those creative juices flying.

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