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Update from October 2019

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Writing a #blog that will capture the# imagination of everyone is an# eye opener assignment. You try to remember the important things that awe- inspiring bloggers have written about and all of a sudden your mind is blank.

You read again the important things you have bought, that are supposed to help you, but you feel like such a dunce, when you say to yourself, let me read that again. What does that mean??

Your one thought is, oh, that’s alright, I’ll wing it, no one is going to read my blog. No! No! Bad vibes, when we all need to be # positive and learn by our mistakes. Darn, you say, thought I had gotten by all that and the upward turn was here. You, are right it is just around those big curves in the road. Persevere! When someone begins to follow you it is so #exciting. Then you want to work even harder so they will keep following you.

Relax, Relax, Enjoy learning!

The following is a list of ideas and thoughts that might help you on this new journey.

  • Keep learning. Don’t think you are going to make lots and lots of money. This is like anything else you really want. Practice, practice and practice some more.
  • Learn to tell a story#simple#funny#relatable.
  • Spelling and grammar, so important. Use spell check, check your grammar. Be professional, who wants to follow someone who uses trashy words.
  • .Niche! #Niche. Think about a niche. My problem is I know a little bit about alot of things. For yourself think about #hobbies, #health#writing#education. What about a broader theme such as #lifestyle to include things like #home#crafts#parenting#meals#entertaining. You get the idea. I really do think it is so awesome if someone is artistic. That is a real struggle for me
  • Don’t confuse people, make sure when blogging about art, that is what your blog is about. What is your idea? What can you do for your reader? Give helpful ideas and always try to come back with more. You want to tweak the imaginations of your readers, followers and friends.
  • Keywords, long tailed keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) will come along as your grow. Right now keep your blog #concise, #eye opening#and #entertaining.

The fall season is almost upon us and then we have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Lots to blog about. Lots of places to learn. Here on my blog one of the things I will be trying to focus some on budgeting, frugal living and what we can learn, all of us. Of course still love my oils and am using them during the day and at night.

Hope you will begin to follow my blog. Lots of good things coming up. I am just a tad slow about getting a regular routine. Resource library opening soon. I hope! So excited about that. #blog#imagination#eye-opener#simple#concise#entertaining#learning.

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