Empower, what an electric word.

Updated from 6/14/2019

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While I think it is very important to empower men, women, individuals, young adults I always wonder what is going on with peoples live’s behind the scenes. Where are they at in this journey we call life and what is one is willing to change.

Were you part of the peaceful protests held recently ? Or were you part of the looting, wrecking of businesses, injuring of people? What did that prove, how did that help the murdered black man and changing our society that needs to be done? How can you call yourself an adult? How did that go to improve the situation and what is your conscience telling you?

What happens to our black community is really sad and what has happened to our police force in some communities is also sad. Society, all of us included need to change our thinking on many topics. We have all heard and seen things over the years that we knew were not right. Not having a police force would be catastrophic as proven by the rioting we have seen recently. Do changes need to be made, absolutely and what are you going to do to help make things better?

Empower what does that word mean to you? Word defined in Webster’s New American Dictionary is-to give authority or power to; also enable.

Dreaming about empowerment means working hard to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and understanding it will take time to get to where you want to be. Add to your goals the question- what can I do to help change our world?

Think about the following:

Educate yourself, so you can understand what is going on in our government, our states and cities.

Do some volunteer work and talk with the people you are trying to help. What are their real problems and issues. How can you help them make changes.

Show respect for one and other.

Know what your teenagers are doing and where your teenagers are . Talk with them, listen to them, try very hard to set a good example.

Start now, taking one day at a time.

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