Great Grand Baby! One month old, Elena Marie

Beautiful new great grand baby, Elena Marie. Sweet, pretty, eyes open, most of the time, looking at who ever is holding her, lots of nice black hair. She generously held court at our house, this last Saturday. We only had one little ( could have been big) problem. The forgotten diaper bag. One of our daughters laughingly said, don’t you have an emergency bag at your house!

Her grandfather went to the store and got a small bag of diapers. Her uncle, said I have a small bag of diapers at home that someone bought for gag birthday gift for me. So we were covered.

Moral of the story, we will be fixing up an emergency bag for our house. Now here is what we are going to put in that bag:

  • Buy a bag or make a bag. Haven’t decided what to do yet.
  • A changing pad to lie the baby on, so she can be changed anywhere.
  • A blanket for Mom to throw over her shoulder for some privacy, if nursing.
  • An emergency small bottle in case we are no longer nursing ,but ready to start on formula. A can of formula,.
  • Diapers – a small bag of diapers to get us through a crisis situation.
  • Wipes, to keep the bottom area clean.
  • Small jar of vaseline, to soothe the bottom.
  • A pacifier. I am a believer in pacificers. Baby has been fed, burped, nice and dry, but crying . Why not make them comfortable. Maybe a nap is in order.
  • Change of outfit, including a onsie, in case of a throw up. Maybe a baby blanket.

That is what my emergency diaper bag is going to have in it. We will keep it at our house and as our family continues to grow, it will get tons of use.

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