Beginning blogger, so exciting when someone begins following you.

Writing a #blog that will capture the# imagination of everyone is an# eye opener assignment. You try to remember the important things that awe- inspiring bloggers have written about and all of a sudden your mind is blank.

Your one thought is, oh, that’s alright no one is going to read it. No! No! Bad vibes, when we all need to be # positive and learn by our mistakes. Darn, you say, thought I had gotten by all that and the upward turn was here. You, are right it is just around that big curve in the road. Persevere! When someone begins to follow you it is so #exciting.

Just learning, keep it #simple! Tell your story in a readable way. Add the funny parts if they are pertinent.

Check your grammar and spelling. We all need to do that. Sometimes you check and double check but still miss something.

Come up with a # niche! What about a hobby you have? What about parenting, or are you very athletic. Do you know a lot about health or cooking. If you are artistic, #awesome

Make sure your blog concentrates on #one idea, # plan, #outcome at a time . Jumping around from topic to topic can be very confusing, to you and your reader.

Keywords a necessity. If you read this I am sure you will do some research on keywords and long tail keywords.

#Concise, simple, entertaining,# inspiring, #eye opener are all good words. Let’s see if anyone reads and thinks this is worth while.

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