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When you are shopping and browsing, do you in your mind start a I would like to have list? Sometime that list is really need #birthday#anniversary#holiday list and other times it is a #dream list.

Here are some wonderful suggestions that you might consider for any list

Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Travel – Large Chain Shoulder Tote. Several colors but love the merlo, thought the blue color beautiful. Bag medium in size. Elegant! Will make any charming lady look great. #Dream list or really want a new purse ?

Playing cards and one of the players mentioned how much they enjoyed their air fryer. It is supposed to be a much healthier way to cook. Better for us than frying. Might want tongs and crisper plate. Sounds interesting.

Delightful older series of books. All about Goldy Schulz Caterer & Sleuth. Definitely begin with book #1. Nice for a relaxing evening and shrugging away worries.

Hope this list helps you with your shopping for a wonderful #purse. A new delight for cooking and a good book or two.#anniversary#birthday#holiday#dream list.

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