Gift guide for the lady in your life, charming, funny and your soul mate.

Gift guide for the lady in your life, charming, funny and your soul mate.

When you are shopping and browsing, do you in your mind start a I would like to have list? Sometime that list is really need #birthday#anniversary#holiday list and other times it is a #dream list.

Here are some wonderful suggestions that you might consider for any list

Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Travel – Large Chain Shoulder Tote. Several colors but love the merlo, thought the blue color beautiful. Bag medium in size. Elegant! Will make any charming lady look great. #Dream list or really want a new purse ?

Playing cards and one of the players mentioned how much they enjoyed their air fryer. It is supposed to be a much healthier way to cook. Better for us than frying. Might want tongs and crisper plate. Sounds interesting.

Delightful older series of books. All about Goldy Schulz Caterer & Sleuth. Definitely begin with book #1. Nice for a relaxing evening and shrugging away worries.

Hope this list helps you with your shopping for a wonderful #purse. A new delight for cooking and a good book or two.#anniversary#birthday#holiday#dream list.

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