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  • Miss J’s positive 1st grade class.

    Nice thank you notes from the class. They made us laugh and smile and all we did was to help with their library. Thank you to those who were able to participate. As a thank you back, here is a short story to share. HOLLY AND HOWIES’S FRIENDSHIP For several days I watched two little […]

  • Holiday baskets with you in mind, AMAZON, for the perfect holiday gift!

    Thinking of fixing baskets for Christmas, a birthday, just as a thank you to someone who has been there for you and your family. There is no time like the present to begin. Are you doing baskets for family members, church friends, grandchildren, a family having a difficult time financially, newlyweds, a new grandbaby or […]

  • Reading the books I read many years ago.

    One of my favorite authors from years ago. On a kindle his books have been fun to re-read.

  • Blogging, a hard nut to crack!

    Blogging wears many faces and one sees them every day. You begin to wonder where you fall in the line up. There are so many talented bloggers out there with tons of wisdom, knowledge, and creativity. I am reading two books right now one by RUTH SOUKUP, HOW TO BLOG FOR PROFIT WITHOUT SELLING YOUR […]

  • Books to enjoy! Christmas and every day. Updated.

    Reading is such a wonderful way to pass the time, especially when you are really bored. There is nothing like a good book. My husband who is visually impaired loves reading on his Kindle. The font is enlarged and that is a God send. I believe he has read all the james Patterson books, John […]

  • Book Review – The Ghost & the Bogus Bestseller.

    It is fascinating to see the number of people who are following, pinning this book. I have been reading Cleo Coyle for a long time, but have never read the above. Vowed I would read so I could give my opinion. Actually a husband and wife team, writing the Coffee House mysteries and the Haunted […]

  • Gift guide for the lady in your life, charming, funny and your soul mate.

    When you are shopping and browsing, do you in your mind start a I would like to have list? Sometime that list is really need #birthday#anniversary#holiday list and other times it is a #dream list. Here are some wonderful suggestions that you might consider for any list Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Travel – Large […]