Unexpected trip to vet hospital

Health, good health have been what my last few blogs have been all about. Today we are going to talk about taking a dog to a vet hospital.

Monday morning I am sitting at the vet hospital with our daughter, Kathy’s dog. Regular veterinarian found and some abnormal lab results. All started with ear infections. So are visiting the vet hospital.

Waiting room – Office, desk staff very pleasant and helpful. The waiting room was very clean considering the amount of traffic in and out over that morning. Coffee, tea, water offered. All clients coming in , had their animals on leashes, or in carriers. All clients were treated with respect.

Examination room -Again very clean. Everyone knocked on the door before entering the room and immediately made the dog feel more comfortable. Vet took dogs history. Client’s need to be knowledgeable about their or relatives animal. Physical exam done and possible treatment plan discussed and also cost (very important).

Blood work done, treatment plan re-evaluated it was determined dog would need life long medication and a shot monthly, plus blood work before and after the shot. Dog would be able to live an active doggie life.

Sounds like a no brainer! Take care of the dog, but you have to remember the cost. This dog is so loved and such a wonderful pet. So an alternative option had to be decided upon as the cost quoted could not be handled.

Our daughter did a lot of research and evaluation of the treatment plan. Got another opinion. She now has a treatment plan more structured to her needs and a cost she feels she can handle.

Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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