What does the word poor mean to your family!

Here we are almost to June and reflecting on how your family would define poor!

Rewriting this blog as I felt it needed updating from January.   Sometimes poor is a state of mind and other times we just don’t know how to manage our lives. How to say no!  We slide from one mess to another instead of taking time to focus on cleaning up one mess, before getting into another one.  Some families give the appearance, as do their children of being very wealthy, when they are living off credit cards, owe everyone, are scared to death of what the next day is going to bring.

Remind your children, grandchildren, stepchildren,  what they have to be really grateful about such as:

Love from parents grandparents . May not always show it, but it is there.

A family that stays together, even when the going gets so tough.

A chance to pray! Reflect! Meditate.

A roof over their heads.  Utilities that are paid so you have heat in the winter, and are able to be cool in the summer.

A chance to save if you have a job.  Get a savings plan started so you will feel rich when you see how it has grown.

Food on the table.

Pets and more pets and then more pets.

Clothing, maybe not the most expensive, but why would you want expensive anyway, in a couple of months you will have grown and need new outfits.

Friends who are allowed to come to your house.

With summer fast approaching we need  to remind our children to get outside and play.  Exercise, ride bicycles, help with laundry, keep the house clean  or help work in the yard.

Journal about your summer and what your child, children do to make it a good summer.#definepoor#parents#savings


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