Mini step to help banish negativity

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The definition of negativity is habitual skepticism. If it is constant your friends have begun already saying to you, you are so negative!  Try being positive. Begin by tackling only one thing at a time to banish skepticism from your thoughts.  A mini step!

Exercise is a good starting point.  We all know there is a reluctance on our part to get started. Could that be the old negativity still working on you.  Consider whether or not a treadmill would be to your advantage.  Check out the items listed under Health and Fitness on this blog.  Work out a short walk routine that will be beneficial to you.  But, But exercise is hard to fit into my daily routine. Be flexible, be confident, remove adversity, and decide the following:

  • Mornings versus Evenings!
  • Walk, Treadmill or Gym.
  • Two, Three or Four times a week.
  • Define your plan and progress with willingness.
  • Make a chart, date and show your progress, with pictures.

Reward yourself when you begin to feel better with a new winter sweater or sweat shirt from one of our buyers listed on the blog.  Buy a coffee mug that says, I can do this, watch me SMILE. .#dubiousness#adversity#eagerness#willingnesstotry

Revised 1/2/2019


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