Physician’s Visit

You are going to make a call or go online and make an appointment with your physician. Are you prepared to do this? What do you understand about your health plan and what you have to do prior to receiving the services you seek.

Physician Visit – Are You Prepared?
Use Good Common Sense!
• Respect your physician’s time-Be on time
• Dress Appropriately

Be sure you have:
• Insurance Information with you
Have you read about your health plan?
1. Do you have to be pre-certified prior to a procedure?
2. Do you have to go to a preferred physician?
3. Do you have to meet a deductible?
Do you have a medication List and how you take those medications?
Do you have questions for your physician- Write them out.
• Don’t understand what your physician is telling you!
• Be sure you have someone with you to assist you
• Remember mental health issues may have different requirements
under any health plan.
Be sure and follow up with your Physicians Recommendations.
**Be good about filling out your paper work prior to your visit.

This is an informational article. I hope it is helpful.

Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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