Coffee Swirl – next to this was written, good. Baker unknown.

It’s all in the name!  Right!  I am not sure.  This is one of the very old recipes I told you about.  By guess and by golly, I was determined to make it  and see what happened.

Ingredients right off the index card.

1c of milk

1/4 c shortening

1/4 c sugar

1 teas -salt

1 package of yeast

1/2 c. lukewarm water

1 beaten egg

4 c. flour

Scald milk; add shortening, sugar, & salt; cool to lukewarm. Add yeast already softened in water; add egg.  Stir in flour gradually. Mix well with hand & let rise in warm place until about double .  Turn on a lighty floured board.  Put into greased pan & let rise again.  Bake in oven about 350 (degree mark was on hers) F   35 minutes.   Before baking put holes in dough; put cream or butter & milk then put brown & white sugar & cinnamon on it -then bake.    This is how the recipe was written, punctuation, and spelling.

Making and Baking!  The recipe is really simple, but some of the directions could have better spelled out to help someone like.  So, decided maybe it was a bread, and proceeded from there.  A bit perplexed when it came to the cream or butter & milk.  I put some melted butter in the holes and then put the brown &white sugar & cinnamon on it.   Baked it at 350 F  – for about 39 minutes in my stove.  Actually 35 minutes would be good, my top got a golden shade of brown.  Last 10 minutes or so I put foil on the top to keep it from getting too dark.

Our daughter, Kathy and my husband, Bill thought it was good.  We put some butter on it and ate it like bread. warmed up in the microwave for just a short time. Enough left for a couple of slices each, for breakfast.

When I make again, thinking-shape it more like a coffee cake.  Make bigger holes, fill holes with butter? or milk and put more of the cinnamon mixture in the holes, not just on top.   Maybe, it will swirl or maybe I am the one who has to make it swirl.  Also thinking of trying the Kitchen Aide or Ninja to blend the dough?

Still on my journey with the blog.  If things are not quite right they will get fixed, as soon as possible.  Come back again.

Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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