Healthy Cookbooks

This journey actually began when I innocently said to our daughter, Sue, I would like to help you look for gluten-free recipes. Oh my goodness!! We also decided to look at the carbs. Low carbs were what was needed. The recipes that I have found,so far, are not all #low carb and #gluten- free.

Valid substitutions can be made to adjust these low carb, gluten-free recipes accordingly. In my opinion you need to be a #creative #free thinker to make good substitutions. Adding #spices, #salt and pepper to season to your taste, are a great benefit,if your diet allows it. The cookbooks shown (in the header, under Healthy Cookbooks) maybe would also help you if you know of a family member or friend in a similar situation.

In this little journey talked about above, I have found many recipes that I would like to try. Some are new, and some remind me of recipes used by all of during the years. Healthy is the #trend, so I can’t stop searching. Why! Because staying healthy is a responsibility we all have. Remember portion size! Check with your physician if you like to be more aware of your dietary needs.

Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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