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  • Halloween Bingo

    Halloween Bingo fun for everyone. The evening is cold and wet. Everyone is concerned about trick or treating. So how about some fun at home for the young and old playing Bingo together. Halloween Bingo. Decorations are all planned for the evening anyway. A visit to the Dollar Store or the costume shop was a […]

  • Holidays approaching too fast!

    First published 11/15/19 Here it is only Labor Day and everyone is getting so excited about the upcoming holidays. Don’t know where summer actually went. So glad we were able to have a good family get together around the Memorial Day holiday. The way things are going in our world today you feel like you […]

  • Meri, Meri

    Meri, Meri

    Fall is coming and so are the beautiful colors. Holidays follow right after that. Time to plan a party? Why not. https://merimeri.com/pages/halloween-party-supplies HALLOWEEN Party Supplies, costumes, vintage themes, kids crafts all available for your consideration, especially when planning a party. Even if the party is for family only, think how incredible it will be for […]

  • Blogging and what is working?

    Blogging and what is working?

    Finding your niche!! Finding your niche!! Sounds like the start of a poem, but it isn’t as I am surely not able to compose a poem. Most of my thought processes have been put into finding my niche. Are you having the same thoughts, what should be my niche and where should I go from […]

  • Essential Oils, don’t forget to use them.

    Essential Oils, don’t forget to use them.

    Essential oils can be used neat or put into blends, but you need to understand, which oils are capable of being used as stated above. Neat means the oil can be used alone. Blends are the oils which can be mixed together. When using essential oils always remember less is more. Essential oils can be […]

  • Meri Meri

    Meri Meri

    Meri Meri Planning a party for one of the upcoming special days in your life. Hope you decide to check out Meri Meri and see if they have anything unique, that might suit your party. Wonderful party themes for delighting children and adults everywhere. Imagination running at great speed. In the world of make believe […]

  • Organize! Yes! Why!

    Organize! Yes! Why!

    With all the wonderful weather we have been having including the high temperatures, we all believe summer will be here before we know it. The flowers are popping up their heads, the grass is so green and already needs cutting . Everyone is talking about starting their garden . I say everyone but not us […]



    Discussion about how incredibly tough the twenties are these days. Planning how to move ahead.

  • Essential Oil recipes to try for headaches.

    Essential Oil recipes to try for headaches.

    I can not take credit for these recipes for headaches. Passing along recipes for headaches found in various books for people to try. Hoping that one of these recipes might benefit someone who suffers from headaches, that can be very incapicating. There are different kinds of headaches, cluster, sinus , migranes and the stress tension […]

  • Aging elegantly! Like a delicate vintage tea cup.

    Aging elegantly!  Like a delicate vintage tea cup.

    Hi, have been thinking about this off and for days. Thought this morning as I left for my doctor’s appointment., at least I have on a different outfit for today’s appointment. Last week I realized every time I have been to this physician’s office, I end up wearing the same outfit. It is a nice […]