Me~ thinking and then some! Buying, designing, printing?

Pretty day here, but awfully cold. Working hard on getting organized, but still finding myself at times trying to put the cart before the horse, as the old saying goes. Wanting to do new things, but haven’t finished learning the basics. Maybe I should rephrase that and say I don’t use often enough what I have learned for it to become easier. Find the things I fear doing the most, I avoid for as long as possible.

Much better about organization as far as the house goes but still working on what to do first, second and third with blogging, Printables, learning new concepts, what to buy, what not to buy as an online participant in this blogging, Etsy, Pinterest world. I seem to want to buy everything and that has to stop. January being a good example of overbuying, not foolish things, but Printables, bundles, how to do information etc. Talking about myself. If the shoe fits for you also, please wear.

So one of my goals for this 2023 is to determine exactly what I have bought and not buy for awhile. Decide what will help me and what will not. Get rid of the excess and make myself work with what I have. What about you? This will be difficult, but is doeable.

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