Budget and actually becoming a more frugal person.

Please read Blog -Budget key to learning to live frugally first.

The two words in my title, go hand and hand according to my way of thinking. You have to remember that in both situations you need to avoid going overboard. So lets take a further look at budget and learning how to be frugal.

Practice budget- add to and delete if necessary.
Selections from barb resource library

When you are ready to do an intense budget you will want to add to the simple budget above. The password to the selectionsfrombarb resouce library is HELEN.

Let’s take the word FRUGAL AND SEE WHAT WE CAN COME UP WITH. The one thing I thought as I was doing my research was that I would hate chicken if I followed some of the menus. I love chicken, but enough is enough. My opinion only, each person has to decide what is best for their family.

F= food and learning to be flexible. You don’t want a total rebellion in your family?

R=realistic. It will take time to learn this frugal thing.

U=useful. Get your family involved. Encourage them to plan menu’s that will help in maintaining or lowering your food budget. Explain you can not impulse shop, so menu planning has to be done.

G=gardener. Is it time to plan a garden? 2021 is that the year for you to begin anew.

A= animals! Don’t forget your animals when planning your budget.

L=learn . What an opportunity to learn. Why eating out can be very expensive. Menu planning. How to shop with a list and buy only what is on the list. Where to look for the best buys. Become inventive! Become a shining example to others.

Good luck on beginning. Don’t think failure, not in your vocabulary. Think about your future and how you would like to live. Plan, Plan and then keep learning.

Always have to mention my young living essential oils. They have been an asset to our lives.

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