Fabulous Graduation Party

Last weekend we went to an awesome graduation party. As with any other event there was a lot of planning, cleaning, decorating and cooking to bring it all together. Everyone working together to make it an unbeatable occasion .

The weather was beautiful and it allowed us to sit outside on the porch, protected from the sun, but enjoying the day. The yard was trimmed, the flowers were ready to bloom, looking good and healthy. The fish were enjoying their little pond.

It was a day of old friends meeting and reminiscing about the past “remember when”, of course referring the graduate, who is now starting out on a new adventure. Maybe going to junior college , or going to a bigger four year college. Maybe college isn’t this graduates avenue right now and they are going to work instead, save some money and determine what they want to pursue in their future.

The food was amazing and the table looked like something out of a magazine spread.

Remember when you want to achiew something, set a goal, organize and work toward that goal. Define each task that has to be done.. Check off your list just like you are doing when you write a blog.

What a wonderful feeling when someone says thank you we had an unbelievable time. It makes all the hard work worth it.

Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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