Orange flowered wallpaper, a crochet stitch and a mug!

I found myself wondering several times why my Pinterest followers, clickers were saving 3 pins almost daily. They had no particular educational value, no particular relationship to blogging, recipes or home design. They weren’t even part of what I believe to be my niche, which is health, fitness and education of these areas to others. It really amazed me that they were saved so often. Don’t get me wrong I am so glad they are being saved. They happened to be just fun things I pinned because they brought a smile to my face.
My questions to you are:
Did you follow up after saving or clicking on the pin by looking at my blog? My blog is and my website can be found very easily even on Google.
If you did follow up with my blog, did any of the articles appeal to you or not?
Are you thinking of starting a business? Or are you just enjoying Pinterest on your own?
Are you interested in learning how to blog?
What would help you the most if you truly wanted to start a blog?
My questions are to get you thinking what do you want when you are a stay at home mom, or stop working, or wish to travel or you retire and want to become a learner.
I hope you continue to enjoy my site on Pinterest. It is such fun! Again my blog is

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