Physical Therapy

Recently it was recommended that I have some physical therapy to help with pain. The order was for 2 times a week for 4 weeks. I did not feel that was excessive, so of course off I went to find out which of their office locations would be best for me. Believe it or not one of their locations is very close to my house.
Appointment was set up very easily and the receptionist was nice and pleasant. Once there I had to fill out paper work and show my insurance cards. No insurance, you or I would have to let the office know how the claims would be paid for.
My physical therapist came to the front office to get me, introduced himself. I noticed that he was dressed appropriately, the treatment room was large, roomy, clean, even the vents in the ceiling and the windows. There were tables to exercise on, stationary bicycles to ride, big exercise balls, etc.

In order to assist the therapist in designing a treatment plan for me, the following questions, needed to be answered:
Why did my physician send me for physical therapy?
Is my injury the result of any injury at work?
If injury is work related are both your company and your insurance provider aware you are receiving physical therapy.
Same is necessary for an accident injury.
Describe my pain and pain threshold so my therapist could develop a treatment plan.
Do the exercises as they are demonstrated by the physical therapist.

My therapy session lasted an hour as I noted did others around me. Believe me I was aware that I had done some moving around. Essential to getting better is doing the exercises at home on a regular basis to determine if the therapy has been of any benefit in easing the pain.

Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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