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    We are all looking at ways to become more frugal. Michelle from PLR Niche, who is so interesting to read has come up with a marvelous planner called the Frugal Living Planner. Words from Michelle =PLR NICHE=THE FRUGAL LIVING PLANNER PLR Template is crafted with 46 unique pages! It comes in the popular 8 1/2″…

  • Living frugally, with suggestions.

    Living frugally, with suggestions.

    written 7/14/22 Updated 2/15/23! Living frugally, with my suggestions. Everyone is writing about, talking about living frugally, but what does that actually entail? It is not something that is easy to do, it is like an acquired taste and takes time to perfect.! Can you define frugal? One of the definitions of frugal is economical,…

  • Frugal! Living frugally, what does that mean to you.

    Frugal! Living frugally, what does that mean to you.

    We are all saying thank goodness this quarantine situation is almost over, we hope. Pat yourself on your back if you did a really good job of following the rules, with a smile on your face most of the time and a big thank you to everyone who helped us all. The big word around…