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  • Essential Oils, don’t forget to use them.

    Essential Oils, don’t forget to use them.

    Essential oils can be used neat or put into blends, but you need to understand, which oils are capable of being used as stated above. Neat means the oil can be used alone. Blends are the oils which can be mixed together. When using essential oils always remember less is more. Essential oils can be […]

  • One day at a time! My motto

    One day at a time!    My motto

    Updated from a previous blog on my website. Enjoy each day and event in your life. Each wedding, birth, each birthday, school plays, dance recitals, ball game, volley ball game, soccer and lacrosse game. I know I missed something important, but what I am getting at, treasure those memories! Do a scrap book, let your […]

  • Support! For a diet thought or two!

    Support!  For a diet thought or two!

    Originally written 7/25/2019 Updated 6/5/22 Diet, oh no not again. However it is something that is very serious for many people. It’s not that you don’t want to lose weight, you do. You know what people, even family, say to your face or behind your back. So it is time to take the bull by […]

  • Blogging!


    Blogging remains such an interesting avenue of expression! One day you are full of ideas to write about and the next day you think, my brain is not functioning at all. It has taken a vacation. The wonderful thing about blogging is you can keep creating and learning at the same time. Suggestions for you […]

  • Changes to help alleviate stress.

    Changes to help alleviate stress.

    Stress, are you overcome by the stress in your life?  Do you think you can not handle another day like the one you just had?  Dirty dishes, laundry, kids not behaving, car not working right, rain and more rain, bills to pay. You get the picture. How can you help yourself?   By becoming more organized!  […]

  • Negativity, moving ahead to appreciate yourself.

    Negativity, moving ahead to appreciate yourself.

    The definition of negativity. is habitual skepticism. A skeptic is a person who questions or doubts something. A person who often questions or doubts things. If it is constant are your friends saying to you, why are you so negative? Maybe you don’t consider yourself negative, just a questioner. How can you change? It is […]

  • Essential Oils, helping you to focus?

    Essential Oils, helping you to focus?

    Updated 6/14/21 Problems focusing on your studies, your everyday work life or just every day life in general. Trivia comes into your mind when you start studying for a test. Trivia like, what video game can I play? Who is that cute guy or gal sitting at the table next to me. Test time comes […]

  • Shopping! Fun online with Amazon!

    Shopping!  Fun online with Amazon!

    Updated 6/29/21 Every day is a fun day on Amazon. Just about anything you need you can find on Amazon. Saving you time from having to go store to store and wearing out your walking shoes and your patience. \ Been thinking about birthdays, anniversary parties, graduations and what can you buy that will be […]

  • Crafty! For the Holidays!

    Updated 6/8/21 This blog contains affiliated links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you click on one of my affiliate links and make a purchase, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. The above applies to any affiliate, I might have. Almost six months to Christmas. That sounds […]



    We had a wonderful weekend at the first family reunion in over two years. We had all ages from 90 years old to 10 months. The weather was beautiful, a little cool in the morning but it warmed up nicely during the day. There was food galore I mean everything . We had fried chicken, […]