Thank you! Thank you and good wishes for the holidays

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Did not want to wait until the holidays to express my good wishes to everyone for the Christmas Season and New Year’s. Hope you have a wonderful season. Think of all things you can be grateful for, even though 2020 has certainly been a different year. One we hope we do not have to experience again.

I want to thank those of you who have started following my blog and my Pinterest. It gives me great pleasure to think that people are interested in what I have to say. Each time I write a blog I think, this is the blog everyone will love and save. This blog will be educational, this blog will be awe inspiring, this blog will be full of new facts you have not heard before. In other words a winner.

Want to focus more on organization, health, essential oils, life style and blogging this coming year. Don’t forget to try Selections from Barb’s Resource library. Password is HELEN. It is definitely a work in progress.

You will find a Budget beginning worksheet. New one coming after you have practiced on a beginning one.

Appreciate Yourself form and a Help with Organization Form. More things coming in 2021.

Young living essential oils make a wonderful fun with a small diffusers and some really relaxing scents. Perhaps a scent to remind you of walking along trails in hiking areas. What about the smell of ginger essethntial oil that reminds you of old fashioned gingerbread cookies. Christmas spirit essential oil has a nice citrus smell . Clove essential oil is great. It has such a nice smell and is often Food sed in a nice blend to alleviate aches and pains experienced as we age.


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