Stockings by the fireplace or where ever! Fill with love.

Stockings hung by the fireplace, stockings hung on the bedpost, stockings hung on a chair. Where they are hung and what they mean may differ in other areas of the world, but to a child they are part of the mystery associated with holidays and so much fun.

Stockings with Santa’s on them, or maybe angels, stockings with their face looking back at them. Stockings that have been knitted with care. Counted cross stockings that have taken hours, and hours to make. I have even seen stockings hung made with left over material from quilts, each piece of material a memory for a family member.

What kind of gifts to buy, inexpensive, but thought filled. Maybe stuffed with homemade items that bring back a special event for the person involved. Home made ornaments to put on the tree or a small scrapbook filled with wonderful enchanting pictures to be kept for years and years. Some different candy or cookies .

Pretty pair of tights, warm socks or a new pair of mittens. Walk the aisles of the stores and look for fun things that you can fill stockings with, without having to break your bank.

Enjoy the upcoming holidays. Plan now. Become crafty if you have to. I just made a hanging towel for the stove. Only jammed the sewing machine once and cut my hand, but the outcome is worth it . Towel is cute. More decorative, than for wiping hands on . Going to make a few more to share with others.

Hpe you had a fun fun fall break in your area. Comments appreciated. Follow me in this journey of blogging.

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