Awesome Spring

Raining off and on for the past few weeks. Everything growing really fast and the colors are bright and pretty for the advent of this season.

Right outside our front door we have zinnia’s and hosta. Right behind the zinnias I noticed a nest with one large egg in it. Everyone told me do not touch the egg, if you do, the mother will notl come back to the nest. Well I have not touched and I don’t believe anyone else has. It been fun watching to see what happens.

We had four small bird houses on our tiny front stoop for decoration and just moved them to the back yard. It is time for a change of decoration. You are thinking so what do I care about all of this. It is my way of inspiring you to get organized for spring cleaning in your yard, flower beds and all the fun places that need sprucing up. Think about things like: is my all my yard equipment working and in good shape, do I need to fertilize, is my garden bed starting to shape up, how many flowers am I going to plant this year, how is my deck looking?

Yes, organize now, so you can go outside and enjoy the summer. Think of relaxing and being really pleased with how your yard looks. You can also think of all the exercise you are getting. Good for you. I am helping you get fit!! Maybe I can get some brownie points for encouragement.


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Appreciate comments as they may help me grow.

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