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  • Happy new week!

    Happy new week!

    Happy new week! Monday morning and we have had light showers, lots of clouds, and it is definitely not hot so far this morning. Happy new week can be achieved by being organized with laundry, meals, scheduling appointments both doctors, dentists, physicals, homework and anything else that messes up your Happy new week. Welcome to…

  • Thank you everyone!

    Thank you everyone!

    We (Bill and I) wanted to do something to let our family know how much we appreciate them. By family we are including brothers, sisters, our children, their spouses, grandchildren, cousins, and friends. Thank you is the focus of this blog. We appreciate your showing up at all the parties we have had over these…

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  • Thank you! Thank you a second time.

    Thank you!  Thank you a second time.

    I want to thank everyone who has liked my blogs and recently started following or has been following me for a long time. Also want to wish you Happy Holidays. It is always so nice to have new people interested in your blog, for whatever reason. I hope it is because I am touching a…

  • Learning how to and then thanking!

    Quiet weekend after a hectic week. Spent the last few weeks almost daily on the computer with our daughter Susan asking tons and tons of questions. I knew enough about Power Point to do a simple planner or page, but really was unprepared for all I had to learn. Learning I am! Almost everyday I…

  • Thank you for supporting my blog!

    Thank you for supporting my blog!

    Thank you to each and everyone of you who like selectionsfrombarb.com. Thank you if you are now following my blog! I try to look at your information, blog, website and e-mails. It is really an interesting task and I take seriously those that I am supporting, I often go back to re-read something to make…