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Celebrate ! Father’s day, my day or everyday.

Right now let’s celebrate Memorial Day and then of course Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day

Go to my resource library on the main page of my, on the top left hand side. Enter the password HELEN. Purchase this verse and have your children make up a special Father’s Day card with art paper, a picture of each child in a big heart, smile, or sleeping. Let them use their imagination. What a treasure for Dad.

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Father’s Day, Daddy’s Day, PaPa’s Day!

Mother’s Day here and gone. Lots of people came up with creative ways to celebrate Mother’s Day inside as the weather here was lousy. It was cold and rainy and most of us stayed inside, not even wanting to go out to a restaurant to eat. Indiana’s weather is very unpredictable and up north, they had snow early , then rain and finally sunshine . In Missouri it rained all day and family said they had a fire in the fireplace, watched a movie and had their picnic inside rather than going on their hike as planned.

Father’s Day will be here in no time. What are you planning for that day? Here are some good ideas from Amazon that might please the man in your life. Go for it!!

Making sure Dad has time to play golf if that is his passion or if he just wants to learn. (tee time needed). Remember to tell him what time he needs to be back to share some of Father’s Day with family. No clubs check here. Just learning don’t spend a fortune.

Grilling, does he love it and enjoys cooking? How about new utensils for the cook of the house.

What about a new book? Mystery, Politics, War or Historical. Maybe something non-fiction. How about good book used for relaxing during this day or for a relaxing evening instead of TV.

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Eclectic! Maybe not, expressions of love for Mother’s and Father’s Day

For a long time I have sometimes thought, Dads are not as celebrated on Father’s Day as are Mother’s on Mother’s Day.  Whenever I see Dads at restaurants on Father’s Day, I think!! Oh boy, I bet they are loving this.  Now I could be all wrong, but, can’t help wondering.  Here are a few odd ball selections you may or may not like for these two holidays.

1.One of the pins on my Pinterest that always attracts attention is the cup, just a white cup with this saying on it NO MATTER WHAT LIFE THROWS AT YOU, AT LEAST YOU DON’T HAVE UGLY CHILDREN. I clicked that cup today and it took me to an Etsy site.  The cup is there, with that saying and listed for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  When I put that cup out on my site, it just struck my fancy.#memorablesayings#happysayings#thoughtfulsayings

2.What about considering Young Living EssentialOils#nice#aromatic#citrus#woods#peppermint for the woman in your life. What a wonderful thing to learn about. It is my understanding that men are also showing a great interest in essential oils and there are even some products available for men.  You might be someone who has trouble sleeping and would be interested in oils that might help.  Go to selectionsfrombarb (my blog). The two last statements under Young Living Essential Oils (are links, click) There are two forms, one for those wanting to join and one for those wanting to shop and buy.  My membership number is 17486785 there.  We have many things for you to look at such as essential oils, beauty supplies, household supplies, diffusers to make your house smell so nice.

3.Homemade aprons for either mom or dad. Teenagers who have had experience sewing could make one or two. A big coverall apron with nice #roomypockets#placeforgrillingtools#placeforrecipewhenbaking Use a fun fabric pattern that no one else has.  Maybe animals, scenery, flowers, fish or a very unusual food feature.  Good patterns on Pinterest under sewing. If you can’t sew, a big apron with tools for grilling would be great.

4.Saw this mentioned somewhere on Pinterest a book of I will do for you by this date. That might be nice for either mom or dad from a small child or even a teenager. Maybe especially from a teenager. A booklet nicely decorated with coupons  such as- I will #takeouttrash#notpickonyoungerfamilymembers#helpkeepthehouseclean#smile#becaring#nobadmouthing#notbreakcurfew  Maybe an old idea but might be nice for everyone if the family needs some retraining.  I’m sure there are tons of things that could be put on the coupons. Brainstorm!