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  • Essential Oils for Beginners

    Essential Oils for Beginners

    As a beginner also, have been learning a lot about essentials oils but not fast enough to be a leading , all inspiring, meaningful genius to put the information into several great blogs. Therefore I decided to give you the opportunity to review some really good books and decide for yourself what you would like […]

  • The saga of the new desk!

    The saga of the new desk!

    Friday, we went to look for a new desk for my husband, who had just been released from a rehab. facility. Found the desk he wanted and instead of ordering online, daughter Mary and I went back to the store and got the remaining one in stock. Mary decided to put the one drawer file […]

  • What should be on a label!

    What should be on a label!

    Looking at labels for essential oils I used a Young Living label. Highest quality essential oils have this information listed. Not listed take another look, perhaps the essential oil might have been adulterated or could be an indicator of an essential oil of lower quality. Here is what is on the Young Living Essential Oil […]

  • Essential Oils-general thoughts and ideas to think on!

    Essential Oils-general thoughts and ideas to think on!

    Thoughts and ideas running around in my head right after putting out the blog on BLENDS. So I thought sharing would be good, especially if I am learning and hoping you want to learn also. Lots of them are safety tips, plus just food for thought, especially if you are thinking of also furthering your […]

  • Essential Oils – How about blends!

    Essential Oils – How about blends!

    Researching blends is just another part of the big picture of essential oils. It sure re-introduces the fact of how little I know and still have to learn. Learning about blends, why. This may be helpful to someone who is suffering with pain, of some type, that has not been relieved by the main stream […]

  • Essential Oils and learning about carrier oils.

    Essential Oils and learning about carrier oils.

    As we continue our journey learning about oils, remember history shows us oil were used many years ago. May not have always been used in the best manner, but journals were kept to help the next generation move in an safer and more educated manner. When I first was introduced to essential oils I really […]

  • Essential Oils, learning more.

    Essential Oils, learning more.

    There are four ways (that I am aware of) to use essential oils. It is up to each one of us to learn how to use them safely and properly. It becomes a responsibility to be sure you are passing on information in an intelligent and informative manner. The four ways are to inhale, diffuse, […]

  • Exploring the Numerous Possibilities

    Exploring the Numerous Possibilities

    Ideas running around in your brain? Looking on the Internet, reading magazine articles, finding old recipes (cooking and otherwise) that have been passed down from generations ago. What can I do to share all this information. What is your favorite thing or do you have many favorite things. The possibilities are never ending especially when […]

  • Thieves – helping to clean closet.

    Thieves – helping to clean closet.

    Saturday May 4, 2019 was a rainy day here, with no chance of doing yard work. Darn! Daughter, Mary here from out of town to visit, so I said how would you like to help us spring clean our master bedroom closet. Of course what could she say. She went out to get coffee and […]

  • Peppermint Essential Oil

    Peppermint Essential Oil

    Reflecting today on the benefits I personally have experienced from an essential oil. Easter Sunday a busy day, fun day for the children and a wonderful season for Christians. Started experiencing problems with walking and thought oh boy, here we go, hip issues.  Pain located in my groin area and it was rather intense.  Experimented […]