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  • Strength, stamina are they part of your body’s well being?

    Articles and more articles about your health and the things you can do to improve/make the aches and pains go away. Before deciding, consider how good your constitution (another word for health) is, what kind of energy,strength and stamina you have. Research- find out more details. Be sure you really understand the specific kind of […]

  • Snoring? What was that loud noise?

    Do you live with someone who snores? Not just a bit, but really snores. The snoring is so loud you have to leave the room to sleep. It could be the sign of a more serious condition, known as sleep apnea. In order to make that determination a visit to your physician is needed. There […]

  • Orange flowered wallpaper, a crochet stitch and a mug!

    Orange flowered wallpaper, a crochet stitch and a mug!

    I found myself wondering several times why my Pinterest followers, clickers were saving 3 pins almost daily. They had no particular educational value, no particular relationship to blogging, recipes or home design. They weren’t even part of what I believe to be my niche, which is health, fitness and education of these areas to others. […]

  • Joint, Abdominal Surgery! Any type surgery for adult or child.

    Be informed! Your physician has said yes you need surgery. You have gotten a second opinion that concurs with the first one. You receive your pre-operative instructions, which tell you the day of your surgery, the time, place and who will be doing your surgery, what surgery you will be having and most important, the […]

  • Little boy haircut and diaper rash ointment hair.

    Something Different! Smile! Hi Fellow Bloggers! Thought I would change my pace this week a bit and talk about family. Have been focusing on health and education, but decided to put some smiles in my work. Everyone needs a smile on their face once in a while. Here are my smiles for today. You have […]

  • Physical Therapy

    Recently it was recommended that I have some physical therapy to help with pain. The order was for 2 times a week for 4 weeks. I did not feel that was excessive, so of course off I went to find out which of their office locations would be best for me. Believe it or not […]

  • New to Pinterest

    Welcome take your time, look around at Pinterest and ask yourself why are you interested in wanting to get involved. Do you want to shop? Are you interest in sharing recipes? Are you interesting learning new crafts or do you just want to pin information to share? Or are you interested in starting a business? […]

  • Personal Health – Good! Bad!

    Personal Health-Good! Bad! Here are some interesting questions to pose to yourself. Just because you are a young adult, does not mean you are healthy. Maybe there are circumstances in your life no one is aware of, but should be. Do you take care of your health on a regular basis? Do you go in […]

  • Bringing Together Health, Fitness, Fashion and Education

    Sounds like quite a challenge to me, however I am going to try and do it. What if I had worked hard to lose some weight and wanted now be sure it stayed off. Hopefully I would turn to some form of exercise that could be done all year around. It would take a dedicated […]

  • Health Plan-General Information

    Have you already had meetings at your place of employment discussing the options your employer has put in place for the coming year? Yes!  Of course the first thing you did was to take the whole package you were given home, and said to your husband, wife, or significant other, we need to read and […]