Laminate and carpeting.

red and black plastic toy car

Life is interesting and challenging at times. Painting done now it was time for new laminate flooring and carpeting. Went a little crazy on the laminate and picked out a grayish, beige, rustic type of pattern, that really is a contract to our kitchen cupboards. Conservative on the living room and really artistic pattern in the television room or Dzia’s room as it is commonly known. It reminded us of an abstract done by our grandson, Dan.

The carpet layers did a fantastic job and worked so hard. It took four days to finish everything. So important to be ready, so they did not waste time doing things we should have done before they came such as:

  • No breakables left around
  • Be sure beds are movable
  • Get as much furniture out of the way as possible
  • Preparation

Now preparation begins for the work to be done. A big thank you to each all the family members who pitched in and helped pack breakables, empty clothing out of closets, take down pictures and picture hangers , move things into the garage etc. We painted, waited for a couple of weeks for the carpeting and laminate to come in, then be put down.

The painters and carpet layers were polite, competent, professional, worked hard, and did an amazing job. Everyone knew their job and the role they played in getting the work done.

Now the only thing left to do is put the house in order.

It reminded me of learning how to put a blog together. Focusing, finding your niche, understanding your role and finishing the blog.


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