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Can anyone develop anxiety?

What is anxiety? Whose definition is the one that best fits? Anxiety in the young, anxiety in your job, anxiety at school, social anxiety, elderly anxiety or is the word anxiety used as an escape all?

The shortest definition I saw was “normal reaction to stress.” Most people learn to deal with anxiety and yes anyone can experience anxiety.

How do you feel about anxiety. Do you experience anxiety in any shape, or manner or is it just a feeling that you find is triggered by certain events. Events such as a new job, first date, a presentation you are in charge of.

Anxiety disorders

When anxiety starts interfering with your life big time then it becomes an anxiety disorder. You definitely need to see a professional at this point. I know sharing is difficult but if you see a good professional you will reap many benefits and confidentiality is a must. It is up to you and your therapist whom you wish to share with.

To write about anxiety disorders here needs another blog.


How can you begin to help yourself with your anxiety:

  • Use a journal like the Say No to Anxiety Journal I have on Etsy – it can be used to begin your search for help. Journaling may be what you need right now.
  • Figure out what you can control. What type of situations do you often find yourself in that need controlling.
  • Do you have difficulty in concentrating?
  • What about your thoughts! Do you have the same ones everyday? Try balancing your thoughts. Say no to going backwards with those thoughts that are bothering you and move forward. Difficult to do, but it can be done. Make a list and start tackling your thoughts.
  • Limit your caffeine and alcohol
  • Define your triggers and think about how you can handle them.
  • Prayers and meditation

They are so many other things you can try. The thing is don’t just sit there and feel sorry for yourself. Move and then move some more. Help yourself! Be gentle with yourself, but also firm and move forward.

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