Niche, define & focus.

Define niche

Finding your niche!! Define niche, define niche. Niche is the topic, the passion, the thing that defines your blog, Printables, digitals, spreadsheets, crafts, your accounts, your ambitions and more. It is what you think you would be really good at. That is my definition. For me it has not been easy. I am one of those people that know a bit about a lot of things. Are you the same?

Determining your niche and where should you go from here? All of a sudden you have this wonderful idea and think oh that would be a great niche. You think, I’ll go right out there and do some research. My goodness there are many blogs with the same idea or ideas you had. Here is where the rubber begins to hit the road. So many people have the same ideas, so what. Develop a different twist on the same idea and begin.

Finding your Niche

Begin your thought process. What are your hobbies? Are you a parent, homemaker, do you work at home, in an office, a store, outdoors. Are you athletic, do you excel at yoga? Do you enjoy woodworking, writing, art, or sports. Maybe you are interested in politics, religion or television. Do family, arts and crafts, sewing, Printables and digitals interest you more? What ever you determine is your niche or become really interested in, write on it. Focus on it. When writing try to focus on one thing at a time. Do not jump around, but keep on target. Easy to say but hard to do.

Letting you know my thought process is leading me, has led me to lifestyle. Narrowing this down toward printable arena, but it is really filling up fast. Whatever you decide, make it a fun arena for you or at least take time to have some fun.

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