Getting ready to paint.

What a crazy last two weeks. We have lived in our home for 16 years and have not painted or changed our carpeting in that time frame. The interior of the house was saying it is my turn. Organization that is the key word, organization becomes critical, small organization items do now or after we are done with painting and carpeting? Lots of decisions to make. That one about small organizations items can be overwhelming because that one is very tricky!

Choose painter. We were lucky as our daughter Kathy had used these painters so were able to talk with two painters. Both excellent, one a company, the other an independent painter.

  • Quote- Detailed, readable, understandable, company very good about making changes to quote.
  • Financing- available and again very easy to work with
  • Date to begin – Tentative date set up and work began on that date.
  • Paint or not to paint-Furnace room, laundry room, pantry, all closets, you get the picture. Decided only to paint the master bedroom closet right now. Did change my mind on painting guest bathroom and the color of the kitchen. A nice soft white is what we finally went with.
  • Room preparation – Our family has been wonderful again, along with my sister Mary, helping to pack things up, taking down pictures hangers, curtain rods, packing up, moving things from one room to another, packing breakables, emptying book shelves. Thank you to each and everyone of you for someone always being there when needed.
  • Master bedroom closet, WOW what a job. Did do tons and tons of sorting and getting rid of clothing, shoes, items we had not worn or used for a long time.
  • Questions – Be available to make to decisions, answer questions, yet stay out of the way of the painters.
  • Painting job finished. Did room to room check- very nicely done, cleaned up and moved furnace back to temporary places as we begin our carpeting journey this afternoon.

The painters were nice, helpful, professional and worked hard. We appreciated that. Our contact person, Nate was so helpful.

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