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Overcast, rainy day and noticed the tree in our backyard already is showing fall leaves. You know that special beautiful orange color. I love fall, but am not quite ready for it. Behind on some things that should have been done whilhhe the weather has been good. My excuse toooo hot.

However, today has been good so far. Sent a congratulations on new baby, only a month late, sent a Happy Birthday card it will be late, but it is the thought that counts. Wrote my sister a note telling her how much and how often we think of her. Also got a card ready to go eary, tomorrow, to our daughter in St. Louis. I am always late with their cards and the ones going to Texas. Fall coming fast and I’m making memories.

Michelle of PLR Niche is having a sale which I thought about as I was doing birthday cards. Thinking about a birthday party well here you are:

Regular $47, Save $30! Priced at only $17.00
The sale starts today August 4th and ends on August 10th at Midnight CST
Use Coupon Code: BIRTHDAY30

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