Initials that have you puzzled!

MLM! What does MLM mean ? I had to do some reading and research on this myself.

Multi Level Marketing has been around for years and the companies I especially know as MLM are Amway, Pampered Chef and of course Young Living.

Multi – level marketing companies that most of us are familiar with are not bad companies. Some of them are actually awesome. You have to be very well informed about the structure of the payments made and who is benefiting. That is usually very well explained to you when you express an interest.

Making a decision whether this is for you or not, requires that you understand the program and you are not looking for a get rich quick scheme, and know exactly where you fit in the profit ladder.

Think about what you are going to do and remember:

It has been proven hard work is involved, not a get rich quick scheme, no matter what anyone leads you to believe.

Do you like the products involved. are you going to use the fabulous products, are you passionate about the products , such as make up, cleaning supplies and of course essential oils.

Starting up in any venture always cost you money. How much is up to you. Don’t be foolish and go overboard, go slow. Even starting a new job, you have to wait before you begin to earn your paycheck.

Remember quality? Sometimes you do have to pay for quality.

Essential Oils has been interesting, learning which scents I enjoy and which I do not. How to do blending and feeling good when someone tells you how good they feel or how much benefit they have obtained.

Remember quality? Sometimes you do have to pay for quality.

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