Life and how to reflect on it!

Life and how precious it is! We all need to take some time to reflect on our lives . However, don’ t start dwelling on the past, as that will do you no good. Instead you need to think moving ahead what can I change? What are the things holding me back at the present time. If you have been seeing a counselor or therapist, what are the things the have been telling you to work on? Are you listening? Do you have good list started on what you really need to work on that will help you grow as a person? Are you learning to communicate well and be a good listener? Remember the conversation is not a conversation if those involved are not all communicating. Stop and listen, really listen to what is being said.

When we are little we can not wait to grow up. When we are teen agers we can not understand why the 20’s don’t come around sooner! We want to be treated like grown ups, but the consequences of our actions can really make your life change. Being a teenager should be fun! You should be involved in school.

When we are in our 30’s we begin to think life is running by and I am not even done growing up yet. I want to make a name for myself and have all the material things that everyone is so impressed with.

When our 4o’s arrive , our minds are whirling with questions? I was going to have a family! My career used to be so important? Why haven’t I been able to save money? Maybe your questions swing on the other side of the pendulum? Questions like my kids want to go to college, but should they go. What do they expect from college and will it permanently put a financial Knick in everything. How have they helped in preparing for college?

When our 50’s begin, all of a sudden you realized how important your health is. What have you been doing to keep the good health you have been blessed with. So many people in their 50’s begin to talk about retirement . Retirement, wait a minute you may live another 30-40 years? Are you prepared?

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  1. Barb, you are amazing. I love your blogs but you do not have to write them all about things pertinent to me…. Ha Ha. Keep going girl and I will keep reading. Love you and Bill. Steve

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