We all grew up with traditions, some we really like and enjoy. Here were some of our traditions, getting up running to see what Santa brought. Making kieffles ( They are a Hungarian or Polish delicious delicacy that are very hard to stop eating). I really believe they are Hungarian. We used to bake them starting the day after Thanksgiving and it was a long day. Stopped making kieffles as family grown up and most have no time to help. They were a tradition. Easter egg hunts out the back yard when the weather was grand. Planning the big wedding, getting married and having a family. Eighteen grandchildren, two great grandchildren and we are still growing.

Making quilts for the grandchildren. They were not big quilts but almost the size of a twin bed. That tradition has been passed down and only God knows if it will become a tradition for the great grandchildren. Below is a picture (actually two pictures together to show one of the quilts). Finally got smart and had the mothers pick out the colors and fabric. The animals are a fish, a camel, a dove, a dog or a donkey, a turkey and a lion.

Two pictures showing what one of the 19 quilts looked like.

If you are interested in the directions for the above quilt, please send me your email and I will send them to you. This type of quilt has been around for many years and I found the pattern in a very old magazine. It is called the Sam Henry quilt and I have no idea where the original idea came from.

Traditions can be lots of fun to establish can be alot of fun to discuss and establish especially if you do it as a family. Older family, new family, blended family. Let everyone enter into the discussion. Why not think of it as a guessing game, which each family member has to participate. Drop all suggestions in a hat and draw.

Be sure and look at the traditions printable bundle to help you figure out the traditions you want to begin in your family. Go to my resource library for a look at the individual pages. The password is HELEN.

The tradition bundle.

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