Month: September 2021

  • Fun, Family, Food and Football!

    This last weekend was exactly that. Fun, family, food and football. Very busy but fullfilling. Thought I might just share with you all. Late Friday our daughter Mary came from the South Bend area to spend the weekend with us. She went shopping and came back with all kinds of snacks for the football game […]

  • Life in your home!

    Written January 2020 Updated 9/14/21    Sometimes poor is a state of mind and other times we just don’t know how to manage our money and lives. How to say no!  We slide from one mess to another instead of taking time to focus on cleaning up one mess, before getting into another one.  Some […]

  • Holidays approaching too fast!

    First published 11/15/19 Here it is only Labor Day and everyone is getting so excited about the upcoming holidays. Don’t know where summer actually went. So glad we were able to have a good family get together around the Memorial Day holiday. The way things are going in our world today you feel like you […]