We all grew up with traditions, some we really like and enjoy. Here were some of our traditions, getting up running to see what Santa brought. Making kieffles ( They are a Hungarian or Polish delicious delicacy that are very hard to stop eating). I really believe they are Hungarian. We used to bake them starting the day after Thanksgiving and it was a long day. Stopped making kieffles as family grown up and most have no time to help. They were a tradition. Easter egg hunts out the back yard when the weather was grand. Planning the big wedding, getting married and having a family. Eighteen grandchildren, two great grandchildren and we are still growing. Making quilts for the grandchildren. They were not big quilts but almost the size of a twin bed. That tradition has been passed down and only God knows if that will become a tradition for the great grandchildren. Below is a picture (actually two pictures together to show one of the quilts).

Two pictures showing what one of the 19 quilts looked like.

If you are interested in the directions for the above quilt, please send me your email and I will send them to you. This type of quilt has been around for many years and I found the pattern in a very old magazine. It is called the Sam Henry quilt and I have no idea where the original idea came from.

Traditions for many people are changing and sometimes that is tough. Did you ever see Fiddler on the Roof by Shalem Rabinowitz? Always thought the movie was boring but watched it again recently and changed my mind. It really is all about family, life, how things had been done forever and were changing. Traditions were going away and a new way of life was starting to develop. My new opinion about the movie was thought provoking. It was funny and it was sad and left me thinking about life for all of us. Bittersweet.

Traditions change as our world is changing drastically. So who knows what traditions will be for this up and coming new generation. What is important and what is not have to be defined by your family unit together.

Some suggestions, ideas, thoughts that might help jump start your imagination on traditions:

Define family remembering that there are many types of families . An example might be a blended family. Blended may be defined differently if you asked 10 people.

Understand not everything is free, and start a new tradition about saving. Show your children how to use a saving book. Better yet design a savings book that represents your family make it fun and challenging. A new tradition for your family?

Celebrate your holidays, setting traditions that have meaning for you and your family. Determine what holidays are part of your heritage and what are part of your new beginning. Some old traditions you may not want to give up. Perhaps ethnic meals. Get your grandparents, moms, dads to share some recipes.

Talk about religion and what your religious traditions are/were. If they are changing define why so your family understands. Attend church, meet your pastor, minister, rabbi etc. Religious backgrounds can be a valuable source of traditions for your family. Sharing is definitely a great way to interact. Discussion important.

Go to my resource library. Barb’s Resource Library found on the right side of The password is HELEN. Look for traditons worksheets for you.

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