Month: April 2021

  • Organize! Yes! Why!

    Organize! Yes! Why!

    With all the wonderful weather we have been having including the high temperatures, we all believe summer will be here before we know it. The flowers are popping up their heads, the grass is so green and already needs cutting . Everyone is talking about starting their garden . I say everyone but not us […]

  • Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, any Day.

    Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, any Day.

    This blog contain affiliated links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you click on any one of my links and make a purchase, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. The above affiliate statement applies to any affiliate. Tried to come up with a few different cards […]

  • The big top! Come on in

    The big top! Come on in

    Updated April 8, 2021 Come one and all. Look at all the goodies: clothing for children play clothing for children sizes infant to size twelve dress up for church, taking pictures, out to eat in a nice restaurant. clothing for playing the sand giving back to others HEADLINER UNDER THE BIG TOP FEATURING: […]

  • Tension, stress and anxiety!

    Tension, stress and anxiety!

    updated blog about essential oils.