A resource library

Thought it might be fun to have a resource library! Easy peasy, in all honestly it was more of a scared spitless adventure. Finally think everything is BEGINNING to come together. On my opening page is selections from barb resource library. Sorry selections from barb resource library is not working exactly right. You can download the budget worksheet and the calender. The other 3 are not working properly yet.

Future printables coming that I hope you will like and enjoy.

Caricature of me when I was still working. Do not know who the artist is, so all I can say is thank you for providing me with it. Fun! Fun!

Right now the resource library has a beginning budget worksheet and calendar to download and to learn as much as you can before putting actual budget for your household together. The beginning budget and the 2021 calendar will put you ahead of the game. Come 2021 your good budget will be ready to go. Hooray! Good feeling.This will be a pass word protected library.

HELEN is the password.

Your comments appreciated.