Month: March 2020

  • Senior’s, high school? or older population?

    Looking for some nice, informational pins as they related to senior’s on Pinterest . I really need to be very specific in my wording as the site I was sent to was definitely for Senior’s. Those graduating from high school. That was wonderful, but my brain was on the senior population. Browsing this category I […]

  • Essential Oils and a quiz

    Sharing blends with others has been very interesting. A wonderful adventure taken willingly and it has become a great learning experience. The benefits I have seen with some are great. They tell how their pain has improved and they also tell me when they have not had any results. Talking further I find many people […]

  • Aging elegantly! Like a delicate vintage tea cup.

    Hi, have been thinking about this off and for days. Thought this morning as I left for my doctor’s appointment., at least I have on a different outfit for today’s appointment. Last week I realized every time I have been to this physician’s office, I end up wearing the same outfit. It is a nice […]

  • Blogging, a hard nut to crack!

    Blogging wears many faces and one sees them every day. You begin to wonder where you fall in the line up. There are so many talented bloggers out there with tons of wisdom, knowledge, and creativity. I am reading two books right now one by RUTH SOUKUP, HOW TO BLOG FOR PROFIT WITHOUT SELLING YOUR […]

  • Retirement! When?

    Here I am writing about retirement and low and behold here comes information on retirement from the bank and financial planner. So I will compare as I write, my post with what their experts have to say. When you begin thinking about retirement, even talking about it, you had better dot all your I’s and […]