Month: December 2019

  • Season overwhelm! Yes or No!

    Overwhelm, overwhelmed, I have seen this word used time and time again since Thanks giving preparation began. Everyone was working so hard to get someone online to take notice of all the wonderful things digital , toys, clothing , electronics they had to offer. So many phenomenal offers. I personally not only felt overwhelmed, but […]

  • Books to enjoy! Christmas and every day. Updated.

    Reading is such a wonderful way to pass the time, especially when you are really bored. There is nothing like a good book. My husband who is visually impaired loves reading on his Kindle. The font is enlarged and that is a God send. I believe he has read all the james Patterson books, John […]

  • Essential Oils and diffusers.

    Every thing you read these days talks about the growth in the essential oil arena. So much to absorb and so many companies out there. If you are among those of us learning, jump on board. I have several blogs about essential oils and their benefits. Also information about safety, how to use and when […]

  • Book Review – The Ghost & the Bogus Bestseller.

    It is fascinating to see the number of people who are following, pinning this book. I have been reading Cleo Coyle for a long time, but have never read the above. Vowed I would read so I could give my opinion. Actually a husband and wife team, writing the Coffee House mysteries and the Haunted […]

  • Gifts for the kitchen, good any time of the year.

    Kitchen Aid mixer. We have had one for years and it is a joy to use. Cleans up nicely. Never had a problem with it. The one I am giving you as a suggested gift is black onyx. Other colors may be available. The black one has a sophisticated look. Husband really would like a […]

  • Gift guide for young boys and girls.

    Lego’s always a favorite. Looking at garage sales in the summer they are always considered a great find. Wonderful gifts for birthdays, holidays , just a special treat anytime. Fun without a phone or TV. Go for it. You can never go wrong with the Harry Potter theme. Let them have fun even if they […]

  • My website! A secret? No, just had to fix a glitch or two. Here is a brief review.

    A light bulb went off the other night and I thought, oh my goodness, that is what I have been doing wrong. Clicking on my pins was not getting any response . Bah! Humbug! You all have heard those words before. Reviewing everything and deleting several pins and re-pinning helped. Also called grandson and said […]

  • Gift Selections for the male in your life.

    Thanksgiving is over and serious shopping has begun for many people. Your mind is in a whirl as you are not sure you are even finished cleaning up from Thanksgiving . Here are some suggestions for that generous, kind hearted male in your life. Nice warm soft robe. The only problem mentioned was sleeve length. […]