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Unexpected trip to vet hospital

Health, good health have been what my last few blogs have been all about. Today we are going to talk about taking a dog to a vet hospital.

Monday morning I am sitting at the vet hospital with our daughter, Kathy’s dog. Regular veterinarian found and some abnormal lab results. All started with ear infections. So are visiting the vet hospital.

Waiting room – Office, desk staff very pleasant and helpful. The waiting room was very clean considering the amount of traffic in and out over that morning. Coffee, tea, water offered. All clients coming in , had their animals on leashes, or in carriers. All clients were treated with respect.

Examination room -Again very clean. Everyone knocked on the door before entering the room and immediately made the dog feel more comfortable. Vet took dogs history. Client’s need to be knowledgeable about their or relatives animal. Physical exam done and possible treatment plan discussed and also cost (very important).

Blood work done, treatment plan re-evaluated it was determined dog would need life long medication and a shot monthly, plus blood work before and after the shot. Dog would be able to live an active doggie life.

Sounds like a no brainer! Take care of the dog, but you have to remember the cost. This dog is so loved and such a wonderful pet. So an alternative option had to be decided upon as the cost quoted could not be handled.

Our daughter did a lot of research and evaluation of the treatment plan. Got another opinion. She now has a treatment plan more structured to her needs and a cost she feels she can handle.

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Lose 10 pounds in 6 months!

Physician tells you lose weight! Funny just had talked about dieting in my last blog. Knowing it is not easy to lose weight, a discussion followed on how much to lose, how long it should take and how to keep the weight off.

It was decided , lose 10 pounds in 6 months and keep it off. Excess weight affecting labs and overall health. So we had a heart to heart, eye opening talk about how to accomplish this. No bread, No potatoes, No sweets No fruit. No cereal. In other words something similar to a Keto or a low-carbohydrate diet. Broke my heart (almost) as I am a potato lover and always have been.

So here is what the plan is in order to achiew this and keep the weight off:

Start walking-only short distances at first and early in the day when the heat is not so bad. Really focus on this as it will also benefit how I look and how my clothese fit.

Follow the elimination of as many carbohydrate as possible, which will be difficult., but allow a treat once in a while especially if the scale starts to show a drop in weight. Don’t want to take the weight off fast, rather want to do it slowly and keep it off. No slippery slide here, no up and down.

Think take off 2 pounds a month and keep it off, so at the end of 6 months, a goal has been met and 10 pounds are gone. Maybe a treat yourself day, not necessarily with food, but maybe, and then get right back on the diet and lose another 10 pounds if necessary.

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Fabulous Graduation Party

Last weekend we went to an awesome graduation party. As with any other event there was a lot of planning, cleaning, decorating and cooking to bring it all together. Everyone working together to make it an unbeatable occasion .

The weather was beautiful and it allowed us to sit outside on the porch, protected from the sun, but enjoying the day. The yard was trimmed, the flowers were ready to bloom, looking good and healthy. The fish were enjoying their little pond.

It was a day of old friends meeting and reminiscing about the past “remember when”, of course referring the graduate, who is now starting out on a new adventure. Maybe going to junior college , or going to a bigger four year college. Maybe college isn’t this graduates avenue right now and they are going to work instead, save some money and determine what they want to pursue in their future.

The food was amazing and the table looked like something out of a magazine spread.

Remember when you want to achiew something, set a goal, organize and work toward that goal. Define each task that has to be done.. Check off your list just like you are doing when you write a blog.

What a wonderful feeling when someone says thank you we had an unbelievable time. It makes all the hard work worth it.

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Bring Your Garden Inside! Top Products for Indoor Plant Care

I love house plants! It is essential to provide your plant with proper soil; drainage & moisture retention are most important for thriving, healthy specimen! My favorite indoor potting soil to use is Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix 72776430 6 Quart (2 Pack).

This potting soil is great because it is incredibly dynamic & suitable for a broad range of indoor & tropical plants. Use caution with succulents, cacti, palms, and ferns, as this soil is developed to retain moisture better than other blends.

Plants take up alot of space, so its always a great idea to use hanging planters and baskets. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they allow for more floor and table space in the living rooms of your home.

Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter for Window, Indoor Herb Garden, White/Black 

The Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter is a great way to keep smaller succulents, cacti, & even kitchen herbs!

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BBQ Supplies

Just at the grocery store and sort of listened to a gentleman telling a young lady how to tell a good steak and what to watch for when you are grilling. She was interested in what he had to say and bought herself a nice steak, which I assume she was going to grill.

Rained this morning! Actually stormed this morning and it is cooler this afternoon, so I bet many people will be grilling this weekend. Even if you do not grill a lot you have to remember what supplies are part of the picture, that might help make it a fun, filled event for all.

Safety first when you are grilling! Be sure a responsible adult is near the grill at all times to be sure no one gets burned.

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New Office Furniture

It is always interesting when you begin to look at new office furniture, or furniture for the room you consider an office.

Things to decide when looking, how sturdy do you want the desk to be, how big is the area you will be calling your office? Do you want modern, sleek lines or do you want more comfortable, relaxing type of style. What color are you interested in. Who will be using the room ? Are you looking for bookshelves to match? What type of lightening will be needed. Is there a possibility clients may come to visit?

Picture shown seems to me to be rather stark and not really friendly. Needs some calming, scenic pictures, a nice lamp, of course your laptop and printer. How about a nice, pretty diffuser with the aroma of your favorite essential oil, for you to enjoy.