Month: May 2019

  • Essential Oils and learning about carrier oils.

    As we continue our journey learning about oils, remember history shows us oil were used many years ago. May not have always been used in the best manner, but journals were kept to help the next generation move in an safer and more educated manner. When I first was introduced to essential oils I really […]

  • Essential Oils, learning more.

    There are four ways (that I am aware of) to use essential oils. It is up to each one of us to learn how to use them safely and properly. It becomes a responsibility to be sure you are passing on information in an intelligent and informative manner. The four ways are to inhale, diffuse, […]

  • Health and stress.

    Update 5/26/19 How do you handle stress in your life? Do you bite your nails? Do you overeat? Do you become depressed? Do you not sleep? Are you angry? Me when I am stressed I overeat. Not the healthy things, good for you type foods, but things like chips, candy and desserts, or I just […]

  • Needed a week off, so I got sick!

    Every wonder exactly where or how you can get a cold and it progress until you just know physician time. Started off trying to save time, get on an antibiotic and get well fast. Well that did not not happen! After almost a week, when my poor husband has had to prepare meals and take […]

  • Exploring the Numerous Possibilities

    Ideas running around in your brain? Looking on the Internet, reading magazine articles, finding old recipes (cooking and otherwise) that have been passed down from generations ago. What can I do to share all this information. What is your favorite thing or do you have many favorite things. The possibilities are never ending especially when […]

  • Diabetic, needing encouragement?

    Our daughter has just started a board called -Best Life Practice for a Type II Diabetic. She graciously included me. Hope you will take a moment to check it out and see how you could benefit from it. I am so encouraged to see this very positive reflection on what is a difficult life style […]

  • Awesome Spring

    Raining off and on for the past few weeks. Everything growing really fast and the colors are bright and pretty for the advent of this season. Right outside our front door we have zinnia’s and hosta. Right behind the zinnias I noticed a nest with one large egg in it. Everyone told me do not […]

  • Thieves – helping to clean closet.

    Saturday May 4, 2019 was a rainy day here, with no chance of doing yard work. Darn! Daughter, Mary here from out of town to visit, so I said how would you like to help us spring clean our master bedroom closet. Of course what could she say. She went out to get coffee and […]